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Welcome to Stafforce Insider!

Welcome to Stafforce Insider!

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter. We aim to provide you with informative and valuable insights into the latest industry trends, developments, and news. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest information to make informed decisions that will help your business succeed.

In this issue, you can find:

  • Latest ONS Labour Market Statistics
  • ALP & Stronger Together Insights
  • National Living Wage Update
  • New Thamesmead Office
  • Port Expansion & Stafforce Training
  • ‘Be A Good Egg’ Easter Egg Appeal success


Latest Labour Market Statistics

The latest report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has unveiled some intriguing insights into the UK’s economic landscape. With data covering the past year, these reports offer a valuable snapshot of the current state of the nation and provide valuable insights for businesses, policymakers, and individuals alike.

We have explored some key findings from the April 2023 overview, see below and find out more here

  • Payroll Payroll


    The number of payrolled employees is now well above pre-pandemic levels at 30 million

  • Employment Rate Employment Rate

    Employment Rate

    The employment rate is up on the quarter and up on the year, and is still below pre-pandemic rates at 75.8%

  • Unemployment Rate Unemployment Rate

    Unemployment Rate

    The unemployment rate is up on the quarter but down on the year, and is still below pre-pandemic rates at 3.8%

  • Economic Inactivity Economic Inactivity

    Economic Inactivity

    The economic inactivity rate decreased on the quarter and on the year, and is still above pre-pandemic rates at 21.1%

  • Vacancies Vacancies


    Vacancies decreased on the quarter but are above pre-pandemic levels at 1,105,000

  • Redundancy Redundancy


    The redundancy rate decreased on the quarter at 3.2 per thousand employees

ALP Insights

ALP Insights

As members of the Association of Labour Providers, we receive important monthly round-ups with news, views and events. For those who may not be members of the ALP, we can provide a snapshot of their latest updates:

  • Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget set out a package of measures designed to support people entering work, increasing their working hours and extending their working lives.
  • GLAA released the latest news, updates and guidance. View here.
  • New HMRC data shows that payrolled employment of UK nationals has increased beyond pre-pandemic levels.
  • LPC is seeking evidence to inform their recommendations on minimum wage rates for 2024 and beyond.
  • A new report calls on Government to prioritise the Modern Slavery Bill announced in the 2022 Queen’s speech.

ALP are also hosting a roadshow on 24th May at GLAA HQ in Nottingham with various brilliant Guest Speakers. Click here for more information.

Stronger Together Insights

Stronger Together Insights

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, StrongerTogether is hosting an event at which you will gain expert insights on contemporary issues related to worker exploitation, what it means for your operations and supply chain and how to implement tangible change. With Guest Speakers discussing perspectives on emerging business and human rights issues. With interactive sessions and take away practical ideas to support you.

‘Towards a Future Free from Exploitation’
Wed 17th May, 9am – 5pm

Find out more here.

Two stories, one land

A new awareness film from Stronger Together Spain

A production in collaboration with ‘Gulliver Producciones’. The film depicts two migrant workers, ‘Khadija’ and ‘Said’, both of whom travelled to Spain from Morocco on the promise of a job but encountered very different experiences.

National Living Wage Update: April 2023

National Living Wage Update: April 2023

As of April 1st 2023, the National Living Wage and all others were updated as follows:

23+ 21-22 18-20 Under 18 Apprentice
Apr-23 £10.42 £10.18 £7.49 £5.28 £5.28


If you are unsure how this impacts your business, or what to do to ensure you align with the new requirements from the Government, get in touch with your Stafforce representative as we are happy to discuss what to do next.

You can also find out more here.

Stafforce Updates

Stafforce Updates

Thamesmead office move

Thamesmead office move

Our Woolwich branch based in South-East London has recently moved its office to Thamesmead.

The move is part of our long-term strategy to provide better service and opportunities to local Employers and Jobseekers.

“This move puts us in a great position to serve the local community even better than before. We look forward to continuing our mission of connecting Employers with Jobseekers in this vibrant area” said Business Manager Ben Roberts.

By relocating the office from Woolwich to Thamesmead, we can reaffirm our commitment towards providing quality recruitment solutions tailored specifically for each client’s individual needs – ensuring all who encounter the team receive the best possible service throughout their journey with us. 

Port Expansion & New Offering

Port Expansion & New Offering

We already provide recruitment solutions to 12 of the UK’s port operations across the country including Liverpool, Southampton and Immingham.

We have now opened a branch at the Port of Tilbury called Stafforce Thames and continue to grow our port operations along the Thames and South Coast region with a network of local branches which skilled operatives such as Port Operatives, Riggers, Lashers, Stevedores, and Tug Drivers can build close relationships with.

Commenting, Tim Platt, our Head of Stafforce Ports said:

“We are entering an exciting period of growth within the Ports division and appointing a Business Manager, launching a new office and a training division will further strengthen our employer and candidate relationships as well as ensure we continue to deliver added value advice and services.”

As part of our Port expansion, we introduce to you Stafforce Training. You are in capable hands for all your health and safety requirements, as our accredited trainers have over 100 years of experience between them. Providing quality training delivered by experts.

Our new division offers a range of comprehensive courses that will equip your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to work safely in the workplace. Our courses include:

  • IOSH Managing Safely
  • IOSH Working Safely
  • IOSH Cargo Handling in Ports
  • IOSH Managing Sustainably
  • FAA First Aid at Work
  • FAA Mental Health First Aid
  • Nuco Fire Safety & Manual Handling

You can discover more about each course by navigating through our website here. Alternatively, you can speak directly to our Client Relationship Manager Rose Heritage.

Be A Good Egg - Easter Egg Appeal Success!

Be A Good Egg - Easter Egg Appeal Success!

Stafforce, bringing Easter joy for another year!

We’ve brought Easter cheer to charities all over the country for another year. Team members across our branches appealed to the companies we partner with to donate chocolate eggs as part of our Annual Easter Egg Appeal.

Overall, we’ve collected 1500 eggs in the run-up to Easter, which we donated to various charities including, The Weymouth Centre, The Health Tree Foundation, St Johns Hospital Children’s Department, St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln Hospital Children’s Ward, WISHH Charity, Cumberland Infirmary, Barchester Healthcare, Jack & Jill Nursery, Jen’s Special Place, Lincolnshire House, Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Demelza Hospice, Together for Short Lives, The Bumblebee Children’s charity, East Anglia’s Children Hospice and Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone.


We’d like to thank you for your contributions towards our Easter Egg Appeal this year, and we look forward to partnering with you again next year.

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