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Summer Issue

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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Welcome to the summer issue of our Newsletter

The Summer has certainly arrived in full force this week, with us seeing peaks of 31 degrees. We hope you’re keeping cool, with the help of ice lollies in the office freezer maybe!

In this issue, you can find:

  • Latest ONS Labour Market Statistics – June 2024
  • ALP Labour Supply Chain Survey Results – May 2024
  • StrongerTogether E-Learning Course
  • Euro’s Sweepstake at Stafforce
  • Meet our Brand Director of our Ports Division
  • Who’s joined our Ports Division?
  • Meet our new COO – Kelly Kendall
  • 20% off Health & Safety Course with Stafforce Training
  • How we celebrated Volunteers Week
  • Apprenticeship & Graduate Support
  • Our pledge to the Armed Forces
  • Celebrating Pride Month: Q&A with Vicky Milne
  • Fundraising from Great Heights

Latest ONS Labour Market Statistics

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) provides insights into the evolving landscape of the UK labour market from April to May 2024. During this period, fluctuations in key indicators such as payrolled employees, workforce jobs, and economic inactivity rates underscored the dynamic nature of the current employment environment. These statistics offer valuable context for understanding recent trends and informing strategic decisions, complementing other crucial labour market indicators including the Claimant Count and Real Time Information (RTI) estimates. This report analyses these developments to provide a comprehensive overview of the UK’s economic trajectory and employment dynamics as of mid-2024.

Here are some important statistics from the June overview, see below and read the full report here

  • Payroll Payroll


    The number of payrolled employees is now well above pre-pandemic levels at 30.3 million

  • Employment Rate Employment Rate

    Employment Rate

    The employment rate is down on the quarter and down on the year, and is still below pre-pandemic rates to 74.3%

  • Unemployment Rate Unemployment Rate

    Unemployment Rate

    The unemployment rate is up on the quarter and up on the year, and above pre-pandemic rates at 4.4%

  • Economic Inactivity Economic Inactivity

    Economic Inactivity

    The economic inactivity rate is up on the quarter and up on the year, and still above pre-pandemic rates to 22.3%

  • Vacancies Vacancies


    Vacancies decreased on the quarter but are above pre-pandemic levels at 904,000

  • Real Earnings Real Earnings

    Real Earnings

    In recent periods, annual growth in both real total (including bonuses) is 2.2% and regular (excluding bonuses) earnings is 2.3% and has risen on the year

ALP Labour Supply Chain Survey Results - May 2024

ALP Labour Supply Chain Survey Results - May 2024

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) has conducted labour market surveys of labour providers and labour users (employers) since 2017 to provide data and trends to inform access to labour policy and priorities for the UK labour supply chain. They recently released their results for May 2024, see key findings below:

  • The biggest current challenge for labour providers is the lack of clients/volumes with two-thirds supplying fewer workers
  • For employers, the biggest current challenge is the cost of labour with 6 out of 10 choosing to recruit temporary workers directly
  • Both labour providers and employers are calling on the government to incentivise UK workers to take up jobs as well as extend the immigration route visas to lower-skilled workers

If you want to download and read the full report, click below.

StrongerTogether E-Learning Course

StrongerTogether E-Learning Course

Tackling Forced Labour in Businesses – Manufacturing E-Learning Course

The course is designed to suit the following  job roles, creating a tailored learning experience:

  • Factory/Site management
  • Supplier/Brand senior management and Corporate Social Responsibility management
  • Supervisors
  • Workers

By the end of the course, learners will:

  • Understand what modern slavery, forced labour and hidden labour exploitation is
  • Know how to recognise the signs that someone may be being exploited and how to respond
  • Understand how to start taking preventative action to minimise the risk of forced labour within your organisation.

Celebrating the 2024 Euros!

Celebrating the 2024 Euros!

At Stafforce, we believe in fostering an engaging work environment where employees can thrive. With the Euros in full swing, we’re channelling the excitement into a month of football-themed activities designed to encourage camaraderie and healthy competition among our teams.

Our employees have been enjoying various engaging events, including sweepstakes and football-themed games. We’re recognising and awarding prizes for the most creatively themed office, the best-dressed individuals, and the top fantasy football managers. These activities ensure something enjoyable for everyone, even those who aren’t avid football fans.

To keep the excitement going, our teams are using our branded 2024 Euros Wall Planners to track the matches, which you may have also received. Our offices are decked out in football décor, and each team have been celebrating and sharing dishes from different countries, highlighting the diverse teams we’re supporting.

Are you getting involved by watching the Euros this year? 

Tim Platt Appointed to Power Ports in the UK

Tim Platt Appointed to Power Ports in the UK

Tim Platt has been deservingly promoted to Brand Director of our Ports Division. Tim will be responsible for setting the strategic direction for Stafforce Ports, primarily focusing on expansion and market differentiation. Leveraging his deep understanding of the industry landscape and trends, he will lead initiatives to enhance service offerings, cultivate client relationships, and optimise operational efficiencies.

Stafforce Ports stands as one of the largest labour suppliers in the UK, operating in six out of the nine freeports across the nation. Our division plays a crucial role in supporting the operations of key port facilities throughout the country.

Freeports (known as Green Freeports in Scotland) are areas that have been created by the government to boost investment into parts of the country that have historically missed out. They benefit from a generous package of incentives, as well as excellent port infrastructure (sea and air), and build on the proud industrial heritages of their regions.

If your business requires labour supply within the Ports sector, reach out to Tim via email who, alongside his team, can support you.

Welcome to our new Ports Team Members!

Welcome to our new Ports Team Members!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest additions to our Ports division. Please join us in welcoming:

Danny Marshall – Operations Manager, Operational Excellence

Danny will be working closely with all operations in the coming months seeking how we can add value to our client partners through our ‘Apprentice to Boardroom’ offering and value-added services which our clients can take advantage of. In addition, he will be working alongside all port operations to continually improve, bring new ideas and ensure we are at the cutting edge of innovation to enhance service delivery and client experience.

Charlene Cossey – Operations Manager, Mersey

Charlene joins our team with a wealth of experience in building successful teams, high and low-volume recruitment campaigns and port-based flexible labour. Charlene joins us taking responsibility of Peel Ports Group, Mersey alongside Aleksandra Walaszewska and our Merseyside-based client portfolio.

Koyrul Ali – Ports Resourcer, Immingham

Koy will specialise in Port Recruitment across the Humber Ports, providing additional support to workers throughout their onboarding process from application to quayside. He aims to make the port sector a career of choice for the local labour force by running targeted campaigns. In the coming weeks, Koy plans to visit all client sites to understand their needs and get to know the candidates personally.

We’re excited to have them on board and look forward to their contributions and the positive impact they’ll bring to our business. Make sure to get in touch if you require any support!

Nicholas Associates Group appoints new COO Kelly Kendall

Nicholas Associates Group appoints new COO Kelly Kendall

Striving to be BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER, the Nicholas Associates Group of companies appointed Kelly Kendall as our Group’s new Chief Operating Officer.

Kelly brings 24 years of recruitment experience, joining us from Kelly Services UK, where she was Vice President and Country Manager for the UK & Ireland. She began her career at Adecco in 1998 as a temps consultant, eventually rising to Operations Director before becoming Managing Director at Cordant People.

Kelly will be working closely with the Board of Directors to drive our overall vision, strategy, and people initiatives, ensuring we are well-positioned for growth. She will assist the board in achieving operational excellence by enhancing systems and processes, optimising resource management, and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

Nicholas Associates Group includes not just blue/white collar labour supply support, but also many other specialist brands including:

  • Apprentice and graduate placement and recruitment
  • Specialist professional recruitment through Nicholas Associates and Ashley Kate HR & Finance brands
  • Leadership, digital learning, and development consultancy through Olano
  • Executive search solutions under the Main Board brand.

Stafforce Training Exclusive Summer Discount!

Stafforce Training Exclusive Summer Discount!

Get 20% Off Managing Safely and Working Safely Courses

We’re committed to providing top health and safety training for all professionals through our training provider Stafforce Training. This summer, we’re excited to offer an exclusive discount on our most popular courses!

20% off all bookings of the Managing Safely course or the Working Safely course. Valid Until: 19th July 2024

Managing Safely:
Designed for managers and supervisors. Covers risk assessment, hazard control, and safety management. Gain a recognised certification valid for 3 years upon completion.

Working Safely:
Ideal for employees at all levels. Focuses on the basics of workplace safety and health with a certification that boosts your safety credentials.

Why Choose Stafforce Training?

  • Expert trainers with over 100 years of experience between the team
  • Comprehensive and engaging course content
  • We can host at your site or at one of our nationwide offices

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to enhance your safety skills and knowledge. Invest in your workplace to make it safer for everyone.

Working Towards A Safer World

How Stafforce Gives Back Through Volunteering

How Stafforce Gives Back Through Volunteering

This month celebrated the 40th anniversary of National Volunteers’ Week. Here at Stafforce, our mission is to enable people to be their best; giving back to our local communities is our duty, and that is why we provide our employees with volunteer days. This allows our teams to take time out of work to support local charities and community projects. 

Here are a few examples from our colleagues of ways in which they give back through volunteering.

Nikki Heath, our Branch Network Operations Manager, became friends with a candidate whilst helping him find employment. The friendship blossomed over time, and she actually became his best man. Sadly, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and spent his last few days in the care of St Andrew’s Hospice. Due to their exceptional care, Nikki continues to support the hospice by volunteering one Saturday a month to help run the reception.

Mick Carr, our Trainer, has been volunteering with Search and Rescue Lincolnshire as a Trustee, Responder and Training Lead for a year and a half. The primary role of the group is to assist the Police in searching for high-risk and vulnerable missing persons. Mick and the team’s most notable achievement was helping to evacuate an elderly lady, 6 cats and 5 dogs from her flooded property and delivering them to a place of safety.

Claire Faulkner, Business Manager and Maisie Waters, Recruitment Consultant from our South Yorkshire Hub took the opportunity to visit their local animal shelter, Rain Rescue. The shelter aims to support animals in crisis all around the local area.

The team wanted to offer their time to support in whatever way they could. In return, these lovely cats and kittens showed their appreciation with one-on-one time including lots of cuddles.

As we know pets can have a positive impact on our mental health, scientifically proving to reduce anxiety. This was proven as Claire and Maisie said they left the shelter feeling refreshed, recharged, and raring to get back to work.

Do you support any community initiatives/charities?

Apprenticeships and Graduate Careers

Apprenticeships and Graduate Careers

Stafforce is part of the Nicholas Associates Group of companies, which supports talent from Apprentices to Board-level appointments. We would like to introduce you to Apprentice Employment Agency and Graduate Career Solutions. These agencies specialise in helping young adults find their feet on a career path at different stages of life.

AEA is one of the UK’s most experienced young talent employment specialists who have helped around 1500 individuals achieve their employment ambitions. To learn more about their young talent programme, get in touch with  or call 03450030007.

GCS is one of the UK’s leading graduate recruiters, exclusively specialising in graduate recruitment. The team fully support post-grad students in finding and securing permanent or temporary graduate placements. To learn more about their young talent programme, get in touch with or call 0114 324 0041.

Nicholas Associates Group offers a wide range of additional recruitment services, tailored to meet various employment needs. You can learn more about the group by clicking here.

Our Pledge to the Armed Forces

Our Pledge to the Armed Forces

In recognition of Armed Forces Week, we are pleased to announce that Nicholas Associates Group of companies, which we are a part of, has signed the Armed Forces Covenant pledge. The next step is to work towards achieving the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze award. This demonstrates our Group’s ongoing support and dedication to our Armed Forces community, from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets.

Quite a few of Stafforces’ team members have a history within the Armed Forces, including brothers Will (Account Manager for Aunt Bessies) and Charlie Yorston (Account Manager for Jacksons Bakery) as well as Ria Fletcher (Client Relationship Manager). Read their stories below…

William Yorston's Story

William Yorston's Story

“I had always wanted to join the military since I was a child. I wanted to join straight after school but due to having asthma, I had to wait a couple of years for the all-clear. But in 2013 I started infantry training for the Coldstream Guards (the people wearing Bearskin Caps outside the Royal Palaces).

While serving I visited many amazing places such as; Kenya, Belize, the Falklands, Romania, and Gibraltar. I have also been a part of many state ceremonial duties including the late queen’s birthday parade (trooping the colour), government and president state visits and most noticeably I was a part of Prince Philips’s funeral.

When I served, I learned a lot about myself. The military is an environment where attention to detail and discipline are key and I don’t think these will ever leave me. Everything I learnt during my 9 years in the army are lifelong lessons and I am very proud to have served!”

If you’d like to speak to Will connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Charlie Yorston's Story

Charlie Yorston's Story

“I served 4 years with the Coldstream guards alongside my brother Will. Our role was primarily as an infantry regiment within the British army however we also undertook ceremonial duties such as guarding the royal palaces and the late Queen’s birthday parade as our service was during that time.

I took part in two trooping the colours including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’ve been part of various state visits and numerous changing-the-guard ceremonies. I’ve guarded Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London and St James’ Palace.

I also spent 2 months in the jungles of Belize learning jungle warfare and how to survive on the bare minimum. I could probably go on for hours!

Being in the army has taught me many life skills but the ones that I bring to my role each day are probably a keen eye for detail, structure, working with a vast demographic and dealing with curve balls.”

If you’d like to speak to Charlie connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Ria Fletcher's Story

Ria Fletcher's Story

“I served in the British Army between 2002 to 2007, AGC (SPS) Corps, serving with 1 Close Support Medical Regiment, 3Rd Royal Horse Artillery and The Blues and Royals Regiment.

Some of my proudest moments:

  • Serving on Op Telic 7, protecting 99 polling stations during the public elections in Iraq, giving the people a chance to have a voice.
  • Achieving the rank of Corporal.
  • Serving alongside Prince Harry and Prince William in The Blues and Royal Regiment (managing to secure a food fight with the Royals at Christmas haha).

I learned so much in the military, most importantly that you are only as strong as your weakest link, unity is true power, and efficiency is success.

A total of 179 British Armed Forces personnel died serving on Operation Telic between the start of the campaign in March 2003 and the end of operations in July 2009, RIP.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die'”

If you’d like to speak to Ria connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Supporting Pride this Month and Always

Supporting Pride this Month and Always


At Stafforce, part of the Nicholas Associates Group of companies, we believe in the importance of diversity within the workplace because a diverse team brings a wealth of perspectives. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

For us, pride is not just for a month; it’s an everyday commitment to celebrating individuality, promoting equality, and ensuring that every one of our employees feels that they can bring their authentic selves to work every single day.

Last year, during Pride Month, we sat down with Vicky Milne, one of our Client Relationship Managers, who is proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community, to gain insight into her personal experience.

The article she wrote was relevant then and continues to be relevant now. She offers a unique insight into her experiences, shedding light on the process of her self-discovery and acceptance within her family, social circle and work life.

We proudly support Vicky and all of our colleagues, this month and always. If this is relatable for you, you can read the full Q&A here.

Roller Coaster Climb for Charity!

Roller Coaster Climb for Charity!

Our Stafforce Ports division are proud to support Happy Healing Hub as their chosen charity this year. We are especially excited to highlight the efforts of Callum, the son of our Service Delivery Manager, Nikki Leggett. On July 14th, Callum will undertake an exhilarating and challenging Roller Coaster Climb at Thorpe Park Resort, scaling one of the UK’s tallest rollercoasters to raise £1000 for Happy Healing Hub.

Happy Healing Hub provides crucial mental health support, offering a welcoming space for individuals to connect with others and receive general assistance. Additionally, they operate a crisis line similar to that of The Samaritans.

If you would like to contribute and support to help Callum achieve his fundraising goal of £1000 click the link below.

Thank you for your kindness and support!

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our quarterly newsletter and continuing your partnership with us.

We hope you enjoy your Summer!

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