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Stafforce Bulletin

February Issue

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Starting the New Year right!

Starting the New Year right!

Welcome to the February issue of your Stafforce Bulletin.

In this issue of your Stafforce Bulletin, we share updates, celebrate achievements, and keep you up to date with the support we offer here is what to look out for.

  • NAvigate+ February benefits
  • Colleague of the Month Nominations
  • Stafforce on the Ports
  • Did you know we offer permanent jobs too?
  • New Stafforce Facebook Groups
  • Giving to Food Banks: 50 for 50 Initiative
  • Our ‘Be a Good Egg’ Easter Appeal
  • Woolwich Job Fair
  • How to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

Latest NAvigate+ Rewards!

Latest NAvigate+ Rewards!

A new year brings a chance for exciting opportunities and for some, a chance to start fresh.

Discover what benefits are in store this month:

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Colleague of the Month Nominations

At Stafforce, we value and appreciate your hard work. Every month, our teams throughout the UK, in collaboration with clients, nominate people for our ‘Colleague of the Month’ recognition award.

This accolade is awarded to workers who go above and beyond, those individuals who demonstrate positivity, reliability, and a genuine eagerness to help.

Below are just a few examples of Colleague of the Month nominations that we have awarded over the last month, You can view the rest of our Colleague of the Month Awards by clicking >>> here

  • Mubasher Nazir Mubasher Nazir

    Mubasher Nazir

    "Mubasher was nominated because he is a very reliable colleague who constantly shows great initiative within the company. Mubasher is always ready to go the extra mile to support his team. He will always go above and beyond to make sure all work is done and kept to the highest standard. His dedication is highly appreciated not only by the Stafforce team but the managers in his department"

  • Roberta Kormilceva - Quorn Roberta Kormilceva - Quorn

    Roberta Kormilceva - Quorn

    “Roberta is new to our team, but from the very first day demonstrates great skills. She adapted very well to the team and always shows positive attitude”

  • Alastair Oxby - Berry Alastair Oxby - Berry

    Alastair Oxby - Berry

    "Alistair was nominated due to his pleasant and easy going nature. He always arrives for his shift with eagerness to complete the job, whichever department he is assigned to. Alistair remains punctual and never let's the team down"

Stafforce on the Ports

Stafforce on the Ports

Stafforce operates in various sectors, not just food manufacturing and warehousing. Did you know we have a specialist division solely for the supply of workers for UK Ports?

Recently our Ports team asked for feedback from our Riggers at P&O Tilbury. Feedback is crucial and can bring about great changes. After this consultation, our Ports Management Team went away and actioned the points below:

  • Increased pay rates. We negotiated a pay increase with P&O, which was in place by the 2nd week of January 2024. You spoke, we listened!
  • Improved PPE, not just the mandatory items. After careful review by Tim Platt, our Head of Ports, he authorised a generous amount of improved quality PPE. This includes the mandatory items but in addition, Winter Bump Caps and soft-shell tops to help keep our workers warm during the winter months. We started issuing this new PPE in January, and it has made a significant impact on our workers. You spoke, we listened!
  • Improved conditions in our welfare cabin & changing area. In December 2023, we had the interior of the cabin redecorated. In the first quarter of this year, we will convert the small office area into a drying room for our Riggers’ PPE. We will also provide new lockers and furniture for their changing area. You spoke, we listened!

We carry out regular satisfaction surveys across the whole of Stafforce, so look out next month for your opportunity to feedback when we issue our first satisfaction survey of 2024.

Not just a Temporary Recruitment Agency

Not just a Temporary Recruitment Agency

Did you know we offer temporary AND permanent jobs?

We take pride in being your go-to recruitment agency, providing opportunities in various industries such as food manufacturing, warehouses, factories, and ports across the country. We are always looking for ways to expand our support and offer more opportunities to workers nationwide. In addition to temporary roles, we also offer permanent full-time contracts within hospitality, retail and commercial environments throughout the UK.

We have previously supported a variety of roles, such as Customer Service Representatives, Call Centre Operatives, Receptionists, and Industrial Cleaners, among others. Also, the positions in food factories, cold stores, and warehouses can be offered on a temporary-to-permanent basis in most cases.

If you know someone looking for a new job, either a temporary OR a permanent contract get them in touch with their local branch.

New Stafforce Facebook Groups

New Stafforce Facebook Groups

Introducing our brand new Facebook groups!

Our Stafforce Facebook page has always been a popular go-to for stories, the latest vacancies and important updates; having said that, we recognise that not all the information is relevant to all our followers. Therefore, we have set up regional Facebook Groups to support people on a local level.

Below is a list of the Groups we have set up so far, please select the one most relevant to you and join our community.

Giving Back to Food Banks: 50 miles for £50

Giving Back to Food Banks: 50 miles for £50

50 miles for £50 challenge

Every year, in February, we challenge our teams to get some fresh air and blow off the cobwebs. This year, we relaunched the 50 Miles for £50 Challenge to motivate our teams to walk and clock up at least 50 miles during the month. They can walk before work, after work or during lunch. For every team that successfully completes this challenge, we give them £50 to buy groceries for a local food bank of their choosing.

So far, they have walked a total of 1,072,181 steps between them, which is equivalent to an estimated 477 miles. Wow!

Our teams have only one week left before we count the final tally of miles walked/ran. Join us in wishing them the best of luck!

Our 'Be a Good Egg' Easter Appeal

Our 'Be a Good Egg' Easter Appeal

Join us in spreading Easter cheer!

Every year, we launch our ‘Be a Good Egg’ Easter Appeal. The purpose of this initiative is to give something back to our local communities in partnership with you and our clients.

Your local Stafforce representative will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to encourage you to ‘Be a Good Egg’ and support their local appeal.  This could be the traditional donation of an Easter Egg, arts & crafts material for a local Children’s Hospital or donations of toiletries for homeless charities.

If you would like to be a part of our ‘Be A Good Egg’ Appeal, get in touch with your Stafforce representative to find out more.

Woolwich Jobs Fair

Woolwich Jobs Fair

Do you know anyone looking for work?

Lynn and Grace from our Stafforce Thamesmead team are getting ready for the JobCentre Job Fair in Woolwich on March 5th from 10am-1pm.

They’re eager to help individuals looking for new jobs find a perfect fit. With their experience and resources, they’ll be offering practical advice and connecting people with our fantastic clients.

Our over-arching goal is to support job seekers and make a positive difference in the community by helping people find work.

If you know anyone looking for work in Woolwich and surrounding areas, please share this event with them!

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness Day was celebrated on Saturday 17th February, we have provided some suggestions for small gestures or activities that you can continue to do to make someone smile. Remember any act of service can be meaningful, big or small.

  • Hold the door open/help someone with their coat
  • Offer a compliment “hey, your hair looks nice today!”
  • Make a cake/batch of cookies for a neighbour
  • Give a colleague kudos
  • Buy someone a ‘just because’ gift
  • Check-in on your loved ones
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Go for a walk with a friend
  • Ask your partner on a date
  • Offer to babysit for a friend/family member
  • Volunteer to be designated driver
  • Cook dinner/do the dishes
  • Leave a nice comment on an online video/blog

Also remember to be kind to yourself, pencil in some time to relax or do something you enjoy!

Thank you for reading the February issue of our newsletter.

We hope you enjoyed it and if you ever have any suggestions for things you’d like to see in future issues, please get in touch. 

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